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About Our School

Comleroy is an Anglicization of the Aboriginal word KAMILAROI, the name of the tribe of Aborigines which inhabited the Colo area prior to the coming of white man. When a way was discovered to the Hunter River Valley through Colo, the early pioneers travelled by the Kamilaroi track. Over the years this has become Comleroy Road as we know it today.

The original site of the Comleroy Road Public School was on the corner of Comleroy Road and East Kurrajong Roads. In 1995 the school moved to the new premises in McMahons Road, Kurrajong.

Comleroy Road Public School serves a semi-rural community with the children coming from homes where the families value and respect the community and each other. The school is a united body comprising students, staff, parents and members of the community. All children have a responsibility to each other. Student leadership is encouraged along with the responsibilities that go with it.

The school is part of the Colo Learning Community with many of our students attending Colo High School. We also have access to OOSH for any students who require it.